On Running Out of Ideas

I recently became a staff writer for adoption.com. (We have two adopted children). As a staff writer, I’m required to submit one article per week. I love writing about adoption, but I worried that after I wrote about a few things, I’d start running out of ideas for articles. That was a couple of weeks ago. During that time, not only have I not had any problem with making a list of ideas when I sat down expressly to do so, but my brain has accosted me with ideas at all sorts of random times. I’ll be in the shower and suddenly a great article idea will come to me. Or I’m laying in bed at night – right in that place in between awake and asleep, and an article will start writing myself in my head. And the words will be perfect, and I know I’ll lose them if I fall asleep, so I have to get up and write them down. It’s almost annoying, but also really amazing. I’m grateful for the miracle of the human mind. I’m also grateful for any opportunity I get to write. Because no matter how much I do it, I’m confident that I’ll never run out of things to write about.