What is a copywriter?
The short answer I usually give to this question is: “A copywriter is the person who writes all the text that doesn’t have an author.” Think about all the words in our world – web copy, product information, business materials, emails – the list goes on and on. Someone has to write all that. Often, businesses throw this text together themselves, which can have negative implications on their sales and image. Hiring a professional copywriter gives you the advantage.

How does hiring a copywriter work?
It’s easier than you might think to hire a freelance copywriter. There’s no official hiring or paperwork. You don’t have to put me on your payroll or even file any tax information. (I do pay taxes, but it’s all on me to do so.) It’s as simple as letting me know what you need and when. We’ll agree on deliverables, budget, and timeline, and then I get to work.

How long will it take?
It depends on the project’s scope and my current workload, but I can often complete small projects (a web page or email, for example) within a few days to a week, and larger projects within a few weeks to a month.

How do I pay you, and is it safe?
Trust is key in freelance work. Before any payment is sent, I’ll make sure that we both understand exactly what you expect and what I’ll deliver. We can send emails, chat on the phone, Skype, or even meet in person if you’re local. I can provide references and contact information of past clients. Once the time for payment arrives, I make it as flexible and easy as possible. The easiest payment methods for clients are usually PayPal or sending a check in the mail, but other options exist too, and we can find the best one for you.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project?
I can operate either way, though a fixed, project-based rate is usually better for everyone. You’ll benefit by knowing the total cost upfront and paying a fair price for the copy you need.

How do I know I’ll like what you write?
Make sure to check out my Samples page, and let me know if you want to see a sample of a different kind of writing than what’s listed. I have a lot pieces in my files that cover a huge range of copy types, tones, and styles. Also, once I’ve sent you your copy, my job doesn’t end there. I always include up to two rounds of revisions in any copy that I write (although one usually covers it), so you can rest easy knowing that we can tweak the copy until it’s just right for you and your business.

Who owns the copy after you’ve written it?
Once you pay for the copy, it’s all yours! This is great for you, because you can edit, add to, or remove anything that you like – now or in the future.

Aren’t copywriters just for big companies? Can I afford you?
The beauty of using a freelance copywriter, rather than hiring an on-staff writer, is that you can use me as often or as infrequently as you need me, which saves you money. And the sales-boosting power of good copy is undeniable. Better copy will give you more sales – period. An investment in the words that represent your company is always money well spent, and probably more affordable than you think.

What do you need from me to start working?
A simple project usually needs nothing more than one or two quick emails or phone calls to get me up to speed on who you are and what you’re looking for. More complex projects might take a bit more background material from you, but I’ve honed my ability to quickly familiarize myself with a client’s industry. Being a copywriter is all about becoming an instant expert in any given field. It’s one of the reasons I love what I do.

I don’t live in the Nashville area – can we still work together?
Absolutely! I work with clients all around the world every day. The internet is a wonderful thing.

My project is really big (or small). Can you handle it?
You bet! I’ve worked on everything, from a quick one-off email creation, to huge projects spanning many months, and everything in between.

Can you edit my existing copy?
Yes! I do this all the time for clients who already have copy but realize that it needs a bit of sprucing up or proofreading. I can edit with as heavy or light of a hand as you want.

I don’t really know what I need. Can you help?
Definitely. I act not only as a writer, but as a consultant and a sounding-board to help you come up with new ideas and strategies for your business copy. If you have a feeling you need some help with your business’ writing, but aren’t sure where to start, give me a call and we can figure it out and get a great plan in place!

I’m in! How do I get started?
Give me a call anytime at (615) 669-8774, or shoot me an email at marybruderer@gmail.com. I always reply, usually the same day.